12 Workshops to Check Out

A photo or multimedia workshop is a great opportunity for an emerging journalist, even for a seasoned one. Think of it as a creative retreat, where you get the chance to take time off your regular routine to shoot in a new location, learn from experienced visual journalists and network with new colleagues. A prestigious workshop will stand out on your resume, and the material you take away will add to your portfolio. Here are twelve workshops we recommend you check out:

Foundry Photojournalism Workshops was founded on the premise that it was hard to find workshops that students and journalists from developing nations could afford. Thus, all FPW instructors are donating their time – the organization only covers their cost of travel and lodging. In the past few years, the workshops have been held in Thailand, Sarajevo, and Argentina. As the website explains, “expect unique classes, a special multimedia creation course, extensive fieldwork shooting stories, one on one portfolio reviews, nightly slideshows by our instructors, panel discussions…” and much more.

The Eddie Adams Workshop is one of the most well-known in the U.S., producing some notable names in the photography world. It lasts four days and brings together top professional photographers and 100 students, who are chosen based on their portfolios and attend the workshop tuition-free. The workshop takes place in Jeffersonville, New York.

The Missouri Photo Workshop has been around for six decades. Each year the workshop takes place in a different small town in Missouri, where participants immerse themselves in the lives and stories of the inhabitants. Cost of the 2013 program was $600, not including travel and lodging, but several scholarships are available. Past faculty members have included photographers from the National Geographic, the Washington Post, the LA Times, and more. Last year, the program took 44 photographers.

NPPA Workshops: The National Press Photographers Association holds a variety of workshops throughout the year, from Advanced Storytelling to News Video Production, Multimedia Immersion and more. Rates and locations vary, and while workshops are open to both members and non-members, NPPA members receive discount rates.

The Al-Liquindoi Workshops in Spain are for documentary photographers and visual storytellers. Each year the organization partners with different cultural and financial institutions to offer workshops in various cities around the country. Participants come from a variety of countries and are chosen based on a portfolio review and statement of intention.

The Roots Workshop is a photojournalism retreat based in Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The workshop gathers 15 established photographers who want to delve more deeply into their storytelling. A new traveling version of the workshop named Uprooted will accept 10 students beginning in 2014, with its first stop in Maine. The all-inclusive 5-day workshops cost $2800 and $3400 for the Maine and Cape Cod versions, respectively, including meals and lodging.

The Los Angeles Center of Photography, formerly known as the Julia Dean Workshops, offers a huge variety of classes and workshops ranging from one-day trips to six-month classes. From street photography to portraiture, fashion photography to art photography, there’s something for everyone. The Center also offers courses in software, developing in a darkroom, and a limited number of courses covering multimedia and video. While the majority of the course offerings are located in L.A., a couple of workshops travel to other cities and countries as well.

MediaStorm offers a number of Multimedia Workshops, in subjects such as Advanced Storytelling, Editing Workflow and Advanced Post-Production. It also offers a one-day workshop with founder Brian Storm on the business and art of digital storytelling, as well as Methodology Workshop aimed towards educators and publications who are looking to incorporate MediaStorm’s methods into their teaching and storytelling approach.

The Santa Fe Workshops are a wonderful educational resource. Courses are offered in technical training (Adobe LightRoom, Printmaking, Lighting) as well as in multimedia storytelling and many types of photography, from landscape and portraiture to macro and time-lapse. In addition to the dozens of courses and workshops at their center in Santa Fe, they also feature a cultural exchange with Cuba with over a dozen classes, and a select few courses in other cities and countries.

The Poynter Institute offers training in a variety of topics, but their Multimedia and Visual Journalism offerings are what interest us. Upcoming courses include a backpack and mobile journalism video workshop and the Poynter Producer Project. The institute also offers numerous web seminars and self-directed courses that you can stream directly on the site at your convenience, on everything ranging from social media and HTML, to journalism ethics and fact-checking. This is definitely a resource to bookmark in your browser.

The Mountain Workshops visit a different town in Kentucky each year in October. Four concurrent workshops are offered: photojournalism, picture editing, multimedia and time lapse. Story researchers scour the county in advance of the workshop so that participants can then pick a story out of a hat and immediately start working on their assignment. The faculty includes photographers and journalists from the L.A. Times, the Washington Post, and the Sacramento Bee, among others. Participants are required to bring still camera gear as well as a car so that they can drive out to neighboring counties.

The Maine Media Workshops and College is a nonprofit in the coastal town of Rockport, Maine that provides an educational environment for all types of creative professions, from writing and design, to photography, filmmaking and multimedia. It hosts over 300 workshops, including a wealth of interesting offerings for photo, video and multimedia journalists. Students are required to submit a portfolio to ensure the class will be on a similar technical and aesthetic level, but there are classes for a wide range of experiences.

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