Abbey Adkison

is the Assistant Director of Multimedia Journalism at Columbia Journalism School and editor of Columbia Visuals.  She completed her undergraduate work at Texas A&M University and her graduate work in photojournalism at the University of Texas Journalism School. She is an adjunct professor of photo and video at Columbia. She lives in Brooklyn, and freelances as a video and photojournalist. Her work includes artists in Brooklyn, rodeo clowns in Texas and her passion, the foster care system. You can follow her on Twitter @Abbey_Adkison or Instagram @AbbeyA. You can view her work at


Jen Dev

Jen Dev

was born in Italy and lived in Singapore and Massachusetts before coming to NYC in 2005. She attended Columbia University, where she majored in Creative Writing and Psychology took a year off to study dance at Alvin Ailey before graduating in 2010.  At Columbia Journalism school she produced a short doc about the gifted kindergarten program in New York City for her master’s thesis, and began work on a documentary about homelessness. Jen is a founding member of Columbia Visuals. Follow her @jen_dev or view her portfolio at

Juanita Ceballos

Juanita Ceballos

is a Colombian journalist and photographer. She worked as a Digital Media Associate at Columbia Journalism School, where she received her master’s degree. Before moving to New York, Juanita worked for three and half years in Argentina at Seventeen Magazine. 

Juanita holds a B.A. in Mass Media Communication from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina. Juanita is a founding member of Columbia Visuals. You can email her at and view her portfolio at

Jika Gonzalez

Jika González

is a multimedia journalist from Mexico City. She is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School, where she completed a  fellowship as a Digital Media Associate. She is currently a Brown fellow. She covers stories on immigration, human rights, culture and identity. Her work has taken her to Cuba, Cambodia and Guatemala. She has gained experience at Magnum Photos, Condé Nast Traveler and CNN Mexico. Jika is a founding member of Columbia Visuals. You can check out her work at and follow her @JikaGlez.

Adam PerezAdam Perez

is a photographer and filmmaker living in NYC, and a CUJ ’12 alum. He reported in Hunts Point for as a digital media student at the journalism school. In 2012, Perez worked for NBC News in Washington D.C. as the Tim Russert Fellow. Perez is also a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and the Online News Association. In 2011, Perez graduated from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism with a degree in print journalism. Adam is a founding member of Columbia Visuals. You can reach him on Twitter @adamperez or email him at Check out his photo diary.

DMA_2014-3Marie-Jose Daoud

is a travel, chocolate and music addict. She grew up between Beirut and Paris, lived in Madrid, Dubai and Cusco (Peru), and backpacked around the world. She graduated in business and administration from Paris-Dauphine and worked some time in the marketing department of a French cosmetics company. She switched to business journalism for Le Commerce du Levant, a Beirut-based monthly. She graduated from Columbia Journalism school in 2014 and spent a year as a Digital Media fellow. You can follow her on Twitter at @mjdaoud or email her at

DMA_2014-1Rhon Flatts 

is an alum of New York University and Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. He graduated from Columbia Journalism school in 2014 and spent a year as a Digital Media fellow. He has experience in broadcasting, program development, creating content for digital media platforms, research, conducting focus groups, and documentary filmmaking. He’s covered social justice, income inequality, transportation and culture as well as social science, media studies, gender, and race. Flatts is a multi-media storyteller who creates content with the aim to unify, entertain, and inform. He is motivated by his passion for innovation and by his dedication to free thought and creative experimentation. You can email him at or follow him on twitter @rhonflatts.

DMA_2014-2Joanna Plucinska

is a Polish-Canadian multimedia journalist and a Digital Media Associate at the Columbia Journalism School. Previously, she was an intern at the Columbia Journalism Review and at Ottawa Life Magazine. Born in Canada, she lived in the UK, France and Singapore before moving the New York City. She is passionate about international affairs, languages, public policy and tech.She graduated from Columbia Journalism school in 2014 and spent a year as a Digital Media fellow.Check out her work at and follow her @joannaplucinska.