The Creative Press Conference

As journalists, we get access to some incredible things. We are constantly in the presence of powerful or influential people, and we get to document historic moments and change in the world. We wanted to highlight this image from photojournalist Phil Moore, who is constantly looking for different ways of shooting these kinds of events.

Thinking About Digital Security

Digital security is not just about yourself and your assets; it’s about your sources and their identities. You may not have to deal with highly sensitive photos or footage on a regular basis, but it’s good to have an idea about what protections exist should you need to keep files secret, or your sources anonymous. […]

Video Storytelling With NGOs

A week after graduating from Columbia Journalism School, David P. Alexander made his way into a Cambodian jungle to shoot a story about illegal poaching for an non-governmental organization (NGO). Though he was not there for a traditional news outlet, he was doing exactly what he wanted to do: he was producing compelling videos about important subjects.  (more…)

Working Towards The Image You Want

Documentary photographer Alexandra Hootnick shared the digital contact sheets of some of her favorite photos, from a vigil in the South Bronx, to her coverage of Hurricane Sandy. She told us how she got the shots and why she chose each one.

Frame-by-Frame Funding

In October of 2012, Mo Scarpelli and Alexandria Bombach travelled to Kabul thinking they would make a short film about freedom of press (or lack thereof) in Afghanistan.

They were only there for two weeks, but  “The story blew up in our faces,” said Scarpelli. What they saw was an emerging free press in the war-torn country, and a handful of Afghan journalists behind it. (more…)

Lessons Learned in Libya

Photojournalist Nicole Tung shares the lessons she wishes she had known before covering a war for the first time.

Following Addicts to Puerto Rico

Columbia J-School alums Alexander Hotz and Kristofer Ríos recently published a story about Puerto Rico’s drug addicts, a hugely ignored public health crisis on the island. The team spoke to Columbia Visuals about their process: from finding the story to teaming up, and getting it published.  (more…)

How to Cover a Protest

Cairo based Photojournalist Amanda Mustard shares tips on how to cover a protest.

Reality of a Protest

Photojournalist Amanda Mustard talks to Columbia Visuals about using a GoPro to document protests in Cairo and using the footage to study her own creative process and work flow.