I’m thankful for…

We asked visuals journalists what they’re thankful for in their jobs as a visual journalists. It’s an inspiring career:

Nicole Tung :  I’m thankful for the people who support me in what I do. It is one of the most important factors in why I continue being a photographer in the field and without their support, it would be incredibly difficult to do this.

Marcus Yam:  “I’m thankful for being able to interpret the world for the way it feels, the way it works and why it matters….. and most importantly, it doesn’t feel like work at all.

Amanda Mustard: “I‘m most grateful for the amazing community of colleagues and friends that I’ve gained through my journalistic pursuits. Their warmth and support, whether on the front lines, via email, or chatting over a beer, makes this profession exceptionally rewarding.

Alexandra Hootnick: “I‘m thankful for my visual journalism community. People in this field constantly inspire me, push me harder and are generally pretty awesome individuals.”

Kristofer Rios: “A lot of times I find myself caught up in the frustrating small details of the daily grind and forget to step back and consider how awesome my job is: I get to talk to people about their stories and share them with the world. So if there is anything I’m thankful for, it’s all those regular people with extraordinary stories who tell their lives with candor. Without them our profession would be reduced to headlines, top-ten lists, and articles about crack head mayors. Thankfully, the human experience is much more nuanced and beautiful.”

Eleonore Hamelin: “I’m grateful that my first source of inspiration is people. And I’m extremely grateful to my sources for their patience and understanding, when I ask uncomfortable questions, when I follow them everywhere for days and when I constantly stick my camera in their face.”

Francesca Trianni: I’m thankful for the opportunity of coming in to work everyday and being encouraged to pitch stories I’m passionate about. I’m even more thankful for being surrounded by incredibly talented colleagues I can learn from, who make my ideas work better.”

Ramin Talaie: I am thankful for my job because people open their doors & hearts and share their stories with us so that we can do what we love to do which is documenting their lives in images and in text. 🙂

 Mayeta Clark: “I‘m thankful that I get to meet a wonderful variety of people, and I love making images. But also having the opportunity to work on important issues makes the work meaningful to me. 

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