“I understood how afraid of the world they were”

Photographer Jessica Dimmock gave CV insight into the production of her project, "The Ninth Floor."

“The most important thing is to make a picture story that you love”

Photographer Antonio Bolfo shares advice with CV: how he went from photographing the NYPD to climbing the ranks as a photojournalist.

Surviving a Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review

If you’ve never attended a portfolio review, it can seem daunting. It’s tough to show your work to an editor, let alone a room full of them. Asking for feedback isn’t easy, but the insights you get can be invaluable. So grab our list of  portfolio reviews, find one near you and get your work together! Survive your first review with these handy tips. (more…)

Working Towards The Image You Want

Documentary photographer Alexandra Hootnick shared the digital contact sheets of some of her favorite photos, from a vigil in the South Bronx, to her coverage of Hurricane Sandy. She told us how she got the shots and why she chose each one.

“Nothing is ever what it seems”

Photographer Alicia Vera shot a photo story about Eden, a young woman working as a prostitute in San Francisco. She spoke with CV about access and building trust with sensitive subjects.

Lessons Learned in Libya

Photojournalist Nicole Tung shares the lessons she wishes she had known before covering a war for the first time.

How to Cover a Protest

Cairo based Photojournalist Amanda Mustard shares tips on how to cover a protest.

“Be curious, be humble, be honest.”

Photographer Marcus Yam discusses how he was able to capture intimate moments between a father and his two sons.