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You’ve probably seen the @Everyday accounts if you’re an Instagram user. A collective effort by photojournalists and documentary photographers around the world, these feeds report from a variety of countries, including the United States, Iran, Bangladesh, as well as bigger regions, like the MiddleEast and Africa.

The feeds are meant to bypass the gatekeepers of traditional media and challenge conventional visual stereotypes. They report on critical issues as well as show moments of beauty that unite us in our daily routines.

Many of the photojournalists whose work is showcased in these accounts are visiting New York City to participate in Photoville, a massive outdoor photography event held in Brooklyn Bridge Park from September 18-28. Photoville is open to the public, and we encourage you to attend, especially if you’re a student. There are lots of events geared toward documentary and photojournalism, as well as fine art photography and portraiture.

The information for the @Everyday event at Photoville can be found here. In conjunction with Photoville, photojournalist and Columbia professor Nina Berman is hosting a panel with the photographers who work with the @Everyday accounts on Instagram. Join us on September 24 in the Columbia Journalism School Stabile Student Center at 6pm to listen to photographers from @everydayAfrica, @everydayIran, and @everydayUSA discuss their Instagram work. The panel is free, and open to anyone. You can RSVP here.

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