Holiday Gifts for Visual Journalists

It’s present season! Are you wondering what to buy your camera-hugger this year? CV is here to help with gift ideas at all price points, from silly stuff to no-nonsense gear. (And yes, we’re sending this list to our loved ones, too.)

Disclaimer: Columbia Visuals is in no way sponsored by any of the brands or stores represented here. (But if someone wanted to send us free stuff, we wouldn’t be mad.) Happy holidays!

You’d like to spend: $10 to $25

Printstagram Sticker Books Two books of stickers, so you can plaster your work everywhere- 252 stickers included. $10

Macro Lens for iPhone This tiny lens is built onto a rubber band that you slip over your phone for extreme close-ups. $15

Camera Cookie Cutters Three cookie cutters for edible cameras. $17.95

Documentaries. Amazon offers a range of documentary films for all kinds of devices. Inspire someone’s inner filmmaker. (Range in price, but usually less than $20)

Square Print Set Get your great work out of your phone and onto some recycled paper prints! $21.99

Camera Lens Cup Yep, they’re nerdy. But we love them. $24

Seat Belt Camera Straps Recycled seat belts from strap company Souldier. $25


You’d like to spend: $30-$75

Shoulder Support Pad for Video Cameras   Works with a DSLR to give added stability when shooting video. $29.61

Freehands Gloves Water and windproof, with removable tips and a palm grip so you don’t lose your gear when it’s cold. Even better, they come in women’s and men’s sizes for an accurate fit. $29.95

The Pocket Spotlight is an LED light that you can slip on your camera’s hot shoe or plug into your smartphone or tablet.  $30

F/Stop Watch, for the people who need to wear their interest on their wrist. $34.12

Eye Fi Cards let you use wifi to send your images straight from your DSLR to your phone or computer. Starting at $49.99

Black Rapid Shoulder Strap screws into the bottom of your camera, and swivels to keep you from getting tangled up. $54.95

Tabletop Camera Dolly Give the gift of smooth panning. $70


You’d like to spend: $100 and up

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II Camera Lens A great, simple prime lens with beautifully shallow depth of field. f1.8! This is a steal.  $110

Grey Austin Camera Satchel Fits laptops and camera gear, with adjustable dividers and extra pockets. $155

Instax 90 Neo Classic Instant Camera Tiny Fuji camera with Polaroid results. All kinds of fun features. $225 + film costs

iPhone Lens Dial A phone mount with three lenses that are always ready to go. In this set, you get fisheye, wide angle and telephoto lenses. $249

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